What have a learned today?

Mice are allergic to peppermint oil. Chugging carrot juice, eating dark chocolate, and then brushing your teeth is a stable series of events. A delegate of the public prefers oranges already in a bag, as opposed to picking up oranges and placing them in a bag. Too much effort. There are a lot of New Yorkers in North Carolina. Everyone who I talked to tonight knew people that were safe from the storm, thus far. Power still out, ghost town abound. I didn’t get to talk to anyone from New Jersey. But, there was a beautiful Italian lady who appreciated my scarf. Bella!

There is so much happening right now! I commented about this to an older gentleman tonight. “What do you mean? There’s always something happening.” I know, but right now – especially! The election, storm, 2012, everything happening on a global, yet stationary, level. So many layers to sift through. Is it even worth sifting? Might be best to just throw it all in a jar and see how long it takes before you get weighed down. For the sake of saving time, and all. What is time, anyway? Everything gets pitched in the end.

I worked at the grocery store this evening. There is one gentleman who comes through. An exotic looking man, who seems well-traveled and versed in numerous languages. His eyes pierce a radiant blue while he examines, observing every situation. We’ve started “twinkling” at each other. One night, I intentionally sent light through my eyes, and he caught it with a “woah!” Since then, that’s how every transaction goes down. Words are so 3D.  It’s refreshing when people are confidently tuned in.

Patti, a yogi friend of mine came through this evening. I’ve taken a class with her before. Transforming into winter existence, she was wearing a beautiful red, knitted cap and a warm jacket. Looking at a yoga magazine, I hear her exclaim in shock that it was $10.00. “You should have your own yoga magazine, Patti!” I exclaim, emphatically. Her eyes open wide and her jaw drops a bit. She is such a stable woman; it took me by surprise to take her by surprise. “I can’t believe you just said that, Allison!” She had a reading from an intuitive of sorts earlier today. Apparently, they told her that she should write a book. I receive her weekly pieces of writing in my email. She sends out to people who signed up during a yoga class. She is so thoughtful and inspiring. Even if I can’t attend class, her emails are potent inspiration for my moment, day, or week. However long it needs to resonate. I totally see her having a book published some day. Goosebumps fall like a shade in the right chakras.

I am particularly fond of our store’s #1 security guard, Justin. This evening, as he was doing a lap, I asked if his security badge needed a shine. “Shine it up!” he said, with a signature smile. Resting contently over his heart, the natural sheen from his spirit intermingled with the faux-gold of the badge, causing my eyes to squint a bit. Seeing the light can be just as daunting as seeing the dark. This man is the eyes of our store. He used to wear a security hat. They told him he needed to look more “friendly.” So now, he doesn’t wear a hat. But, he does drink coffee out of a reusable cup. One point for the Earth. 

My clock says 12:04, but we’re supposed to fall back an hour. We’ll see how wordpress logs this entry. I may have missed November 3 by four minutes. I’m of the philosophy that it’s still the same day if you’re still awake. Staying awake for three days is like being awake for one day with an insane outcome. Literally insane.